01 Concept

There is no catch! We are working hard to offer a price starting from 10 € in each studio, so that you can forget the financial and concentrate on the training.

We offer memberships without a fixed minimum term. In our FLEX EINS tariff you can terminate your membership at any time without notice until the last day of the month. And all this even online without the hassle of paperwork.

Yes, you can train 365 days a year using your access pin to the studio.

Yes, everything we offer in your studio is inclusive. No matter if basic instruction in the equipment by a trainer, showers, training plans, water bar, functional training (not yet available in every studio). The only thing that costs extra is personal trainer hours. These are offered by the respective personal trainer on their own account.

No, our prices are clearly communicated, we have nothing to hide. You have a monthly fee and a one-time activation fee - nothing else. Half-yearly or quarterly service packages, trainer fees or other fees - as they have the most competitors - you are looking for us in vain, because we think they are pure rip-off.

Yes - the membership is valid for all studios throughout Germany. Exceptions to this are Local rates of the respective studio - these are valid only in the respective studio,

02 Membership

Basically anyone from 14 years can train with us. Prerequisite for this is - if you are under 18 years - that from a medical point of view, nothing speaks against a moderate strength training, your parents agree and you complete the basic training we offer free of charge with a trainer in which you use the equipment & the rules be explained in the studio.

Sure you can. For this you can book a free trial training - on request, also with coach care (recommended for beginners).

No, with us you get a personal access pin, which will be sent to you directly after the registration.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. However, we offer a membership with our FLEX EINS tariff, which can be canceled at any time.

No, definitely not. Our studios are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of our members. Any violation of this rule will be charged with approximately 99, - EUR (for the member and the unauthorized exercising) damages and the membership is going to be blocked.

No, we give you a price guarantee on your membership fee - as long as you remain a member of us without disabling your membership.

Quite simply - log on to our website in the members area and change your bank details and other data under the menu item "Bank data".

You will receive your access PIN on your mobile phone just a few seconds after signing up via SMS.

No, the contribution can only be paid by SEPA direct debit. This is also much more convenient for you, as you do not have to think about timely payment, but this is done automatically at the beginning of the month.

Quite simply with just a few clicks online. Log in to our website in the members area and select the menu item "Start cancelation". It could not be easier.

No, we only offer the monthly form of payment.

If you have forgotten your access PIN, you can log in to the members area of ​​the website and request it again under "Forgot PIN".

First make sure that you have entered the correct PIN by requesting it again in the online members area as described above. If the PIN still does not work then please contact our support at

No, we all pay the same low price.

The charge will always be made at the beginning of the month (approximately on the 3rd of the week). A different debit date (middle or end of the month is not possible). Please make sure you have sufficient funds to avoid unnecessary chargeback fees.

You can reach us at any time via the contact form on our website or directly under

03 Studios & Facilities

In any case. For this you can book a free basic instruction with a trainer. In addition, you will find a detailed description of the exercises on each device. In addition, you can find explanatory videos about the equipment in our Youtube Chanel, so that you can check them again at any time.

Naturally. Please take a padlock with you for the locker.

Yes, there are enough showers in each studio for free.

No, we have decided to concentrate on what really gives you the desired training success - strength and cardio training.

No, in order to be able to offer you the lowest possible membership fee, we refrain from any frills that have nothing to do with fitness.

Yes, for anyone who wants to get more out of their training, various personal trainers are available to book (for a fee). You can find them on our PT platform in your gym.

Yes, of course, you can use the wifi for free.

Yes, there are several free training plans in our studio. As part of the free basic briefing, the trainer also likes to go along with you.

Yes of course, this is available in different places in the studio.

The dumbbells go up to 50kg, the weights up to 20kg.

Yes - in addition to the free basic briefing, our coaches are present at various varying times and days to help you with any questions about training.

04 Security

Yes, for the safety of the members all our studios are monitored 24h a day. In addition, you will find an emergency button in every studio, which connects you to our emergency center around the clock even in times without staff presence, which can speak to you live and if necessary initiate emergency measures immediately.

Yes, our website is safe. All your data is encrypted and not shared. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.